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South Africa ready for artificial intelligence debut by IBM

10 November 2014, 8:21 am

A company official stated that relative computer service “Watson” that are from the technology giant IBM is expected to be turned on in South Africa in early next year. Watson technology form IBM can understand normal language, learn and generate theory and answer questions.

Metropolitan Health announced last month that they are using IBM’s “Watson Engagement Advisor” that is a cloud service and is making South Africa the sixth country in the world to have the technology. Metropolitan Health is equipping their contact centre agents and the walk in staff with Watson to answer better to client questions.

Dylan Garnett, Metropolitan Health CEO, stated that IBM Watson is planned to be used firstly in the company’s client service locations that is handling more than 12 million customer connections yearly. Vince Kasten explained that Watson could be a practical coach and could benefit contact centers in a trade where staff maintenance is tough. Although IBM’s Watson is not just automated technology result which is offered to contact centers such as the likes of Dimension Data is also targeting this space.

Lise Hagen, IDC’s research manager for software and IT services Africa, stated that call centers are perfect breeding grounds for technology and automation, since it is a process driven location. Yet technology and automation ought to actually make the human interaction more important. According to BPeSA data, there are 200 000 contact center seats in South Africa.

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