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Complain - Oxford Fresh Market Hillcrest

Oxford Hillcrest

20 April 2016, 12:00 am

I bought items from there store in Hillcrest a few days ago, and i must say that the Quality of there products are horrendous. Firstly i bought a roast beef only to find that it had so much water in it and was so tough that it ended up being dog food.Secondly i bought a pocket of potatoes from them, the bag that they had on display had beautiful big potatoes in it that was still firm to the touch, though the bag i got was rotten, not one potato in the bag is usable. thirdly i bought pork rashers at a different occasion that looked absolutely divine, until you open it and find that the marinade was only put on the top of the meat and the bottom of the meat was grey. I cannot believe that a company of there stature will supply such bad quality foods to the Public.

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Complaints, Recommendations, Suggestions