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Appalling experience!

9 October 2013, 9:04 am

You have the right idea with the availability of people that seems to be there to assist the consumers with their inquiries but that did not work for me when I visited your showroom. The three items I did purchase from you were unmarked and without prices. I became frustrated when I wanted to get prices from the uninterested personnel, the people who offered to help were not knowledgeable and had to run around to ask for assistance not that it helped a lot because I had to stand around and wait for them to come back to be with incomplete information.

I wanted to buy an inline fuse for my Caravan; they had to go to a unit somewhere on their premises to see what I needed, after the first attempt was made to sell me the incorrect part.

The thing that angered me more is the individual that I belief were in a senior position in the company that did not have the insight to realize that I were frustrated enough to ask if she were also looking for anyone to assist her when she seemed to be standing and waiting for something. Her response was not directed at me when she asked the personnel in the office if someone were helping "this customer". I asked her a question, the descent thing would have been to answer me or at least tell me she would ask someone to answer me.

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Complaints, Recommendations, Suggestions