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15 Beyer’s Naude Drive
018 632 5009
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Bermine Supplies and Services has established itself over the past twenty three years as a key supplier of hardware, steel and piping, mining supplies, personal protective equipment, stationery and consumables
needed for general office use.

Bermine Supplies and Services Head Office is situated in Lichtenburg with warehouses in Gauteng, Cape Town and Lafarge Lichtenburg in order to render service to industries like cement and other industries
such as agricultural, food processing and mining.

The Head Office operates with dedicated and skilled personnel, supported by the latest information technology that links the Head Office with its Warehouses.

Stock is always available and can be delivered with the company’s own fleet of vehicles in the surrounding areas of the Head Office and the Warehouses.

Bermine Supplies and Services complies to all relevant tax, labour and health and safety laws as well as the BBBEE Act. The current BBBEE level is 4.

The mission of Bermine Supplies and Services is to supply good quality products and services at a competitive price, strengthened with excellent service and good customer relations. Apart from ethical business principals Bermine Supplies and Services also invests in it’s personnel in order to sustain high quality service levels for the benefit of it’s customers.

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