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8 tips on how handle negative social media review

21 July 2014, 7:41 am

Not all your customers will leave a positive review about your company. Here are 8 tips to help you how to handle the negative reviews.
1. You have to be regularly on your social media account. By doing this the problem can be sorted out quickly.
2. You may already have a Facebook account without you opening one due to postings about your company, so create a page before it creates itself.
3. Don’t let the customers wait days before you respond to them. Get someone to monitor your social media if you are a small business.
4. Don’t delete the negative reviews from customers, it will send a negative message to your customers; you should also be a part of the conversation.
5. To have knowledge of your product can be quick to settle the negative review.
6. Instead of asking client to phone you, offer to phone them, by this you are taking an extra mile for your clients.
7. If you have made improvements on the negative feedback, share your experience, there may be other companies to learn from your story.
8. And lastly, don’t let negative feedback devastate you. Try your best to help your customers.

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